Toys for Tots Delivers

We took delivery of more than 3,500 toys from the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves’ Toys for Tots program this week. It was an incredibly generous donation from a group that has served children in this capacity for 65 years.

We as an agency are extremely grateful for their work. We have 850 foster children and thousands of other children we help on any given day. It will be nice to brighten their holidays with an unexpected gift. So many of them have spent the year in tough situations.

Our caseworkers will spend the next week “shopping” from our cache and then delivering the gifts to the children on their caseloads. It is nice for the children and the families to see our workers in a positive light. Sometimes the actions we are forced to take can be perceived as negative, but they are always with the goal of protecting the child and strengthening the family.

For those of you who donated to Toys for Tots, please know your gifts are appreciated and will go to a wonderful cause.

To learn more about Toys for Tots, please visit the web site

by Jim Tinker

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