We join the YWCA against domestic violence: See something? Say something

To honor National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the YWCA of Cincinnati has teamed up with the Bengals, TriHealth and Local 12 to launch what they call a bystander intervention campaign. That means if you – a bystander –  see something that looks like it might be domestic violence, please do something about it:

Intervene. Maybe say something like, “That’s not OK” or “Is everything all right here?”

Cause a distraction. Ask for directions or for help finding your keys. Create an excuse to get the person out of the room.

Call for help. Or ask someone else – a friend, neighbor, bartender – to call.

We support the YWCA, Bengals, TriHealth and Local 12 in this important effort. Please share this message and check out this list of additional ways to get involved.

by Jane Prendergast

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