SuperJobs partners with the Greater Cincinnati Apprenticeship Council to provide a variety of apprenticeship opportunities to qualified candidates. Apprenticeships can be the gateway to many career opportunities and are often complimented by competitive wages, medical and life insurance benefits. To learn more about the variety of opportunities available, visit the Greater Cincinnati Apprenticeship Council’s website.

To apply for one of the apprenticeship programs, please fill out the apprenticeship pre-screen checklist below:

Apprenticeship Application

  • Do you have (please check all that apply):
    (In most cases, you must have your own vehicle)
  • If You Answered No to any of the above questions, you currently do not meet the requirements to proceed in the apprenticeship referral process. Please review the list of resources that can assist you in meeting the requirements.
  • If You Answered Yes to all three questions please read and follow the instructions listed below:
  • Refer to the list of apprenticeship opportunities to research job details and requirements for interested positions. Print out the information from the website and become familiar with each selection.
  • Select up to three apprenticeship opportunities.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to follow up with each apprenticeship program. Contact information is provided through the Greater Cincinnati Apprenticeship Council under each apprenticeship description (found here) under the heading: "Where do I apply."