Have you recently lost SNAP/TANF eligibility due to wage increases?

Are you ready to become self sufficient and maintain self sufficiency after losing public assistance benefits?

Would you like to learn more about managing money?

*This is not a program for financial assistance.



What Is Benefit Bridge?

You get benefits for spending a couple hours per week learning about managing money and employment. Bridge the gap between benefits and self-sufficiency. 

Benefit Bridge helps families who have experienced a loss of benefits due to an increase in wages/income. Benefit Bridge is designed to help you rise to financial security so you can thrive for a lifetime. You can bridge the gap in benefits you may have lost simply because you started earning more money working. In addition, we want to provide the tools for lasting self-sufficiency. In return, we ask you to commit to a couple hours per week. Jump to application


What Do You Have to Do?

Say yes. We’ve got your back so you can move forward.

Someone like you who has done this before will be your peer mentor. They’re going to check in with you each week to give you support, answer questions and just be there for you. The success of Benefit Bridge starts with its requirement that you complete a managing money training and talk to your assigned peer mentor each week. Together, with your peer and you, we help you work out a monthly budget and improve other skills that will improve your chances to do even better in the workforce.


Why Do It?

Here’s what you will get in addition to potential medical, food and cash assistance:

  • Incentives for completing education and employment goals
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Managing Money Classes
  • Job & Education Coaching
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Coaching
  • Benefits Guidance
  • Training Certifications
  • Supportive services, such as housing, food, clothes, diapers), transportation, community referrals for social services, legal, mental health and follow-up services!


Benefit Bridge Requirements

  • No longer receiving SNAP benefits due to wage increases (over income)
  • Reduction of snap benefits due to wage increases
  • Cannot be receiving TANF (cash assistance)
  • Must be actively employed
  • Must have children in the home
  • No active fraud cases
  • Not receiving social security/ disability benefits
  • Not receiving unemployment


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