Recognizing employees for outstanding work

Weir2010We received the following e-mail today from someone who works closely with victims in our county court system. I have edited it to keep some information confidential, but the gist of it is that one of our workers, Jermil Tarver, has done a wonderful job on a case.

You will not read this on the front page of the newspaper, which is where our mistakes often show up. Do not get me wrong — I am the first person to admit we make mistakes and should be held accountable for them. But we receive little attention for the positive work we do, so maybe this blog can showcase some of the kudos we get from the community.

I appreciate each and every one of our workers. They often see horrible things, work long hours and receive a lot of negative feedback from the people they are trying to help. But I really appreciate workers who go the extra mile on behalf of a family or child. Thank you, Jermil, for your great work.

“I have been in this position for 13 ½ yrs. I have recently come into contact with an employee of yours by the name of Jermil Tarver, on a case of a man who was convicted of Gross Sexual Imposition on a child. In a time when we hear so many negative things about “JFS”, I wanted to make you aware of something very positive. Not that I’ve ever really had any complaints about any of your employees, however, when someone goes above and beyond, I feel compelled to let their supervisor know that they have done so.

NEVER, in all of my employment, have I seen any JFS worker put so much effort into a case as Jermil did on this case. He attended absolutely EVERY court hearing, was always on top of the matter, and was 200% invested in the case. I realize that each of your co-workers are bogged down by many, many cases and don’t always have the capacity to dedicate the time and effort that they wish they could to every single case, which is very unfortunate, but just as much a reality of life. Jermil treated this case as if it were the ONLY case he had. He would sit in court waiting and waiting for as long as necessary, when I’m sure he had a million other things he needed to be doing. He was so dedicated to helping our victim and making sure the right thing happened. I’m pretty sure he would’ve come in repeatedly on his own personal time if we asked him to. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and dedication, and I can only hope that there are many more JFS workers out there like him that I have yet to meet. If only I could request him on every case I have like this!!!

I just wanted to insure that you know what an exceptional employee you have working for you, and for the citizens of Hamilton County. He was definitely an asset to the prosecution of our case and his time and dedication and “going above and beyond” were greatly appreciated by both myself and the Assistant Prosecutor who handled the case. I hope that Jermil is recognized for all of his hard work. He is an absolute asset to your office.”

by Jim Tinker

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