Together we can keep kids safe

We have been collaborating for nearly a year now with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Cincinnati Public Schools on a campaign called Safe and Sound @ Home. We all know that covid-19 has delivered some difficult times for families …

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HCJFS Employee saves a life, keeps on working

Tanya Hampton had just left her second home visit of the night Saturday and stopped in at the McDonald’s in Bond Hill. When she came out of the restroom, she saw a man lying on the floor.

Tanya Hampton
She went over to check on him, noticed his fingertips were purple and yelled to the manager: “Call 911!

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Suspect Child Abuse? Don’t Hesitate!

Reporting suspected child abuse is a life or death decision. We work very hard to protect the children of this community, but we cannot help a child if we do not know something is happening.  And often, we do not …

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