You can report fraud on this site.

May is Public Assistance Fraud Awareness Month in Ohio, and HCJFS is spreading the word that “Fraud Costs All of Us.” Each year, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services disburses more than $2 billion in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance …

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Report Fraud

Misuse of benefits is fraud and it affects all of us who support or receive assistance.

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Sell Benefits, Buy Trouble

May is Public Assistance Fraud Awareness Month. If you’re considering selling benefits or “stamps,” you should be aware that we are on the lookout for fraud and, if you are caught selling benefits, you will pay with a loss of benefits, and possible fines and jail time.

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Successful Fraud Chat

Tuesday’s chat with the public about public assistance fraud went well. We received many tips to follow up on. I appreciate the public’s support in this effort. You can report fraud at any time to our 24-hour hotline. We recently …

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