We know people are hurting. We’re here to help.

The horrible and disturbing death of George Floyd in Minnesota and the continued ravaging of our country from the health and economic scourge of coronavirus are pushing many of us to feel angry, frustrated and overwhelmed.
I feel it every day. I hear it in peoples voices and see it in their eyes. I felt it during the height of the virus, and when I came here this weekend and walked the neighborhood around our building.
We at JFS exist to protect and assist the most vulnerable in our society in times of need. I want you to know that we know people are hurting and – as we have been for the last 75 years – we will be here for you during these troubled times.
We will be the bridge that connects those of you in need to the resources that can help with some of the despair you may be feeling. We will help you support your family and reconnect to work as well as be a part of helping our county rebound from pain brought on by these awful events.
We will do all these things in an equitable and respectful manner so that all in our community who need us know: We are here for you.
Stay safe, stay strong and stay together!!

by Jane Prendergast

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