Child Support license amnesty offer returns

You’ll soon be seeing our You Drive, They Thrive campaign again. Every August, as part of Child Support Awareness Month, we extend an offer of amnesty to parents who have had a license suspended because they failed to pay child support.

Many people don’t realize we can suspend the driver’s licenses as well as professional licenses, such as a license to cut hair, of any non-custodial parent who falls excessively behind on child support.

But our goal isn’t to punish anyone. In fact, we want to help obligors get back on track. We hope the amnesty offer encourages people to pay and commit to continuing to pay. Children need this money so their needs can be met. We worked an average monthly caseload of more than 60,000 last year and collected more than $133 million.

If you know anyone who is struggling to pay, please tell them to contact us. We want to help them get back on track.


by Jane Prendergast

Filed Under: From the Director, News