More than just a ride to the doctor

The other day, I misplaced my phone and had to spend some time looking before I found it. In that brief period without it, I had that sense of being cut off, disconnected from others. There’s that slight sense of panic and isolation. And that was just for a phone that was in my house.

It got me to thinking. Consider the sense of panic and isolation for those who feel cut off because they don’t have transportation. How do they get to a doctor’s appointment? Fortunately for Medicaid-eligible individuals, they can turn to Hamilton County Job and Family Services. We operate a program for Medicaid-eligible customers called Non-Emergency Transportation (NET).

NET provides transportation for any Medicaid eligible individual traveling to and from medical appointments that can be billed to Medicaid. Transportation can be in the form of bus passes, van services, or Metro Access tickets. The requirement is a regular Medicaid card and the ability to transfer from a wheelchair to a vehicle independently.

Last year we coordinated more than 344,000 rides. That’s a lot of trips to the doctor. That’s a lot of people who feel less alone and more at ease.

The best way to get started is to call JFS at 513-946-1000, option 6. Hopefully, you won’t have to look for your phone like I did!

by Jane Prendergast

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