Annual Report Released

HCJFS serves more than a third of Hamilton County Residents.

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OhioMeansJobs Helps Woman Find Zoo Work

Mollie Ehinger had a great job as a general manager at a restaurant where she had been for 14 years. She never thought, if the time came, that finding a new job would be difficult. “Boy, was I wrong,” she …

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JFS Helping Young People and Local Businesses Find Each Other

I ran some numbers for a project I am working on with County Commissioner Hartmann and was pleased to discover the payoff of our focus on helping young people prepare for jobs and become employed. This is one of the …

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Live chats with program experts

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day to read this blog. The first post drew more than a thousand views and some comments offering support for this method of communication. As I mentioned in the …

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