Check out our new Amazon gift list for kids in foster care

Hamilton County Job and Family Services is trying something new this holiday season – an online wish list of gifts for kids in foster care and for older teens who are in independent living.

Visitors can easily scroll through our Amazon account “wish list” of everything from toys and clothes to things our older teens need to set up their apartments.

What we don’t give away at Christmas will be kept in our donation closet. We like to keep items on hand so that when kids come into care, we have something we can give them to ease the transition. Those items can be necessary – or nice. Sometimes a toy can be very important for a child going through a traumatic experience. Other times we need a new change of clothes.

While buying locally is always preferable, the Amazon option allows individuals to shop for our kids and have all of the gifts delivered to JFS – which is especially convenient. JFS incurs no costs. Caseworkers will be able to deliver presents right to the recipient’s door. We may need help wrapping presents.

Get Involved Through Social Media

This opportunity to support kids during the holidays – or during the rest of the year – will be promoted primarily through social media. We encourage JFS staff and supporters to share the word about this opportunity to give a little or a lot, but make a big difference either way.

If you buy a gift for a JFS kid, tell your friends and encourage them to do the same. But do not feel obliged to buy anything whatsoever. We just want everyone to be aware of the opportunity.

View the List

Check out the list and return again. New requests continue to come in and the list is updated regularly.



by Jane Prendergast

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