Help us spread the word: Mortgage, property tax help available

They say “don’t leave money on the table.” We definitely don’t want that to happen with federal relief dollars meant to help Hamilton County homeowners.

The Hamilton County commissioners launched a $5 million effort last October to help homeowners pay their mortgages, utilities and property taxes. The program uses federal stimulus money.

But here’s the big news: We still have more than $4 million and we want to get it in the hands of homeowners who need help. We have helped more than 220 households, but we can do more.

We’re mailing letters soon to all homeowners with delinquent property taxes, letting them know there’s help available. To qualify, households must have been dealt a financial blow by Covid. Homeowners must earn less than 300 percent of the federal poverty level. A family of four, for example, could qualify if they have less than $83,000 annual income.

We really want to help people stay in their homes. We stand ready to help today. Please go to for more information.


by Jane Prendergast

Filed Under: From the Director, News