Research on the health, well-being, growth and development of children has included fathers for some time now.

Today, we know more than ever about the impact fathers have on children. Whether biological, adoptive, foster or a caring male adult in the life of a child, men in their fathering roles are important and necessary for children to achieve the best physical, psychological, emotional and intellectual outcomes.

These outcomes are best realized when fathers have consistent access to their children. It is in the children’s best interest for mothers, grandparents and other family members to support the father’s involvement in their children’s lives (when the father is not a threat to the child’s physical or emotional safety). It’s also important for fathers and other family members to understand that men grow into their fathering roles over time.

Fatherhood is a journey, and like all journeys, there can be difficulties and challenges along the way. Yet, children instinctively know that they need their father, and men are biologically predisposed to be caring and nurturing fathers. The result, if the process is not interrupted, is a father-child bond that will benefit children for decades to come. Carefully take in the information below. Fathers – know your worth.