Good News Wednesday

I heard a couple of statistics today that are worth celebrating.

First, we hit a 96 percent timeliness rate with new food assistance applications. That is an all-time high for us. It is also our fourth month in a row over the 90 percent mark, which continues to be a record for Ohio’s metropolitan counties.

You may remember that we had some trouble meeting processing deadlines last fall. Through the hard work and dedication of our employees, we have not only reversed that, but we are doing better than ever.  Most importantly, the people of our community who need help are getting it in a timely manner.

Secondly, I found out we are on a record pace with establishing child support cases. This is again due to the  great work of our empoyees. As with food assistance, children who need help are getting it because of the work of our agency.

It is always good when the statistics prove what I already know: I am blessed to work with great employees who will do everything the can to help the residents of this community.

by Jim Tinker

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