HCJFS Employee saves a life, keeps on working

241-KIDS investigator Tanya Hampton had just left her second home visit of the night Saturday and stopped in at the McDonald’s in Roselawn. When she came out of the restroom, she saw a man lying on the floor.

Tanya Hampton

She went over to check on him, noticed his fingertips were purple and yelled to the manager: “Call 911!”

“He didn’t have much longer to live,” Hampton said.

With help from the man’s friend, she rolled him over and started performing chest compressions. A mom of three, Hampton learned CPR through her kids’ sports teams.

The friend did mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The man was breathing by the time Cincinnati firefighters arrived and gave him a drug to reverse the overdose.

But Hampton’s night didn’t end there. The man had a baby with him when he overdosed, prompting police to call 241-KIDS. It turned out, the family already had been involved in a case in Clermont County.

“It didn’t really hit me for about two days,” she said this week. “To see him nearly dead on the floor, then to see the man walking in here. It was just unreal.”

by Ashley Woods

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