HCJFS Employee Saves a Life

Our own Helen Stevenson helped save a life this weekend.

The child support enforcement technician was on her way to the BMV with her daughter, Tranee’, about 9:30 a.m. on Saturday when she realized the car in front of her had sat through two green lights. At first, she thought the driver might just be texting or tired. It didn’t cross her mind that she was witnessing a drug overdose. But as she pulled around, she saw that the driver’s head was down on the steering wheel and he wasn’t moving.

She pulled over and her daughter started knocking on the car’s windows. When that didn’t work, she told her daughter to knock harder. She called 911.

This was on Queen City Avenue, a busy street on the West Side of Cincinnati. The women were worried because they could see the driver’s foot was still on the gas pedal. Two men came along to help also – they held onto the back of the car to try to stop it from moving into the intersection.

EMTs arrived. Stevenson watched as they gave the driver two shots, which brought him around. He was groggy at first, she said, but he was talking again pretty quickly.

When she and her daughter arrived at the BMV and they told people there what had just happened, they got a round of applause.

by Ashley Woods

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