“I wasn’t finished with my family,” mother adopts siblings

On Friday, we will celebrate National Adoption Month with adoption ceremonies for 13 children being welcomed into nine families. It’s one of our most special days.

We’ll be introducing you to some of the families that will be adopting that day. Their stories will warm your heart.

In April of 2015, Katie Leveridge picked up NuMya from the hospital in April of 2015. She needed a safe home.

In November, her siblings, Jamari and Terry, joined the family. This Friday the addition becomes permanent during the National Adoption Day ceremonies in Hamilton County.

After her first pregnancy resulted in health complications, Leveridge knew she wanted to foster and adopt children.

“I wasn’t finished with my family,” she said. “I never expected to take this many children on, but it was very important for me to keep these siblings together.”

The three have a younger sibling and Leveridge is working to adopt her as well.

Jamari and Terry had been in the foster care system awhile and needed some help dealing with the challenges they faced. Katie said navigating their needs and finding the services they need was a challenge, but she is dedicated to providing them with a stable environment.

“I’m a very proactive parent,” She said. I’m very hands on.”

Despite the challenges, Katie and her children are looking forward to Friday’s ceremony to make it official and give the children the confidence of a permanent family.

“This ceremony will mean stability for them,” she said, “knowing they have a home.”

“I think eventually we will be OK,” Leveridge said.

by Ashley Woods

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