License amnesty offer extended

We’re extending our amnesty offer to parents whose licenses have been suspended for failure to pay child support.

The agency’s You Drive, They Thrive campaign, started last month in connection with national Child Support Awareness Month, emphasizes the importance of parents getting back on track with paying support so their children can have their needs met. It will continue through September.

Since the campaign began a month ago: 

Forty-seven obligors participated. In July, those obligors paid a total of just over $800. Last month, those same parents paid more than $10,200.

Delinquent parents can have their driver’s or professional license reinstated by paying a portion of their total child support obligation or by reporting their employment information, so wages can be garnished. Parents can determine if they qualify for license reinstatement by calling 513-946-7387.

“We want to help parents take care of their children,” said Michael Patton, HCJFS director. “This is a chance for parents to get back on track and to get their licenses back.”

The campaign is being advertised on bus shelters throughout the county and in social media.

The department’s Child Support Enforcement Agency handles about 68,000 cases each month involving more than 225,000 county residents.  Last year, it collected more than $133 million for families that might not otherwise have had the financial support necessary to pay for such items as food, medical care, child care, school clothes and school supplies.

All parents who participate in the amnesty sign a license-reinstatement agreement committing them to staying on track with child support payments.



by Jane Prendergast

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