More help coming soon for kinship caregivers

We have some great news for all the grandparents, aunts, uncles, other relatives and friends who care for kids in our custody – they’ll soon receive even more financial support from us.

We’re helping our kinship providers more in two ways:

Stipends – Monthly stipends increase and will last through the length of the placement. Previously, some support ended after six months.

Child care – Reimbursement rates go up and eligibility expands. And this support also lasts as long as the child remains with kin.

When children cannot safely remain with their parents, we know they have better outcomes when they live with kin. Kinship placements allow children to maintain important connections to their families and communities.

We have Hamilton County voters to thank for this extra help. We’re able to provide it because of the Children’s Services Levy, which passed last fall. We have long wanted to provide more support for kinship providers and voters agreed.

Most importantly, we thank all the approximately 400 families currently providing kinship care for kids in our custody. We appreciate all they do every day.

by Jane Prendergast

Filed Under: From the Director, News