The employer payment calculator may help income providers/employers in determining the appropriate amount of support to deduct and remit for employees with multiple child support orders. The accuracy of the result is dependent upon the accuracy of the information you enter in the required fields. This calculator complies with the withholding requirements pursuant to the Federal Consumer Credit Protection Act and follows the hierarchy requirements allowing deductions to be first applied to current support amounts and other obligations second. The link to the employment calculator can be found on the left hand side of the page.

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Employer Medical Premium Calculator – Is it Affordable?

In some child support cases, a court-order may be created to add a child or children to a parent’s medical insurance coverage. In those cases, the employer will receive a National Medical Support Notice. This notice alerts the employer that the employee identified is obligated to provide health care coverage through his or her employer. However, in some cases enrollment cannot be completed because the amount withheld from the employee’s paycheck would exceed the limitations on withholding and is not considered a “reasonable cost” under state and federal law. More information can be found on the “Limitations on Withholding” section of the National Medical Support Notice.

To determine if the premium amount is a “reasonable cost”, click the calculator below. Depending on the numbers entered, the blue box of the excel sheet will read “yes” or “no”. A “yes” indicates the cost is reasonable, and the employee should be enrolled. A “no” indicates the cost is not reasonable, and the employer should notify Hamilton County Job and Family Services.

Medical Reasonable Cost Calculator

Sending Payments Electronically

There are many ways to send payments electronically to the Ohio Support Payment Center (CSPC). Click here for more details. 

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