Making Changes to Your Case

If you move, lose or change jobs, become disabled, gain custody of your child, change names or make any other major change, Child Support needs to know. Providing accurate information can prevent mistakes. Report changes as soon as possible.

Making Changes to the Payment Amount

To request a change in the amount of child support payments you receive or owe, complete JFS 01849 – Request for an Administrative Review of the Support Order and return to HCJFS by:


Child Support
Hamilton County Job and Family Services
222 East Central Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45202

or Fax

Fax documents to: (513) 946-1662.

Your worker will request information on income and expenses from both you and the other parent. That information will be put into a state-mandated formula. Based on the formula, your child support could either increase or decrease.

It is important to understand that a change in either parent’s income could affect your child support payments. Also, changes to the amount of support can only occur every three years unless there is a significant change in income (a 30 percent increase or decrease).

Keep in mind that if the paying parent loses his or her job, child support can be taken from unemployment compensation or if he or she is injured on the job, payment can be taken from Worker’s Compensation. However, the paying parent does have the right to ask for a modification review.

Waiving Past Due Support

Parents receiving support

A parent receiving child support may choose to waive the child support due to her/him. Once the past due support is waived, it cannot be reinstated. In addition, the parent paying child support may still owe any past due administrative fees, even if he or she paid the parent owed support directly.

To waive past due support, the parent owed the support must call (513) 946-1034, and either a hearing will be scheduled or documents will be mailed out. The documents must be received by the deadline provided in order to be sent to court and approved. The courts have final approval of the request.

Waiving Support Owed to the State of Ohio

A parent paying child support may apply for a waiver or compromise of his or her state-owed arrears. A committee will review the request and evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis. The committee’s decision is final and cannot be appealed. A compromise may involve a payment arrangement, while a wavier would eliminate some or all of the past due support owed to the State of Ohio for reimbursement of public assistance payments made to the parent receiving support.

To request a waiver of child support owed to the State of Ohio, call (513) 946-SETS (7387) or complete Request for Waiver or Compromise of Child Support Arrearage Owed to the State of Ohio and return by:


Child Support Services
222 East Central Parkway
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

or Fax

Fax documents to: (513) 946-2396.

Based on HCJFS 7820 (Rev. 12-13)
HCJFS 7934 (Rev 1-10)
HCJFS 7935 (Rev. 12-13)