If you notice any of these signs in an elder, contact Adult Protective Services (APS) of Hamilton County Job and Family Services at (513) 421-LIFE (5433).

Indicators of Psychological Abuse:

  • Depression
  • Change in behavior or attitude
  • Isolation
  • Fear/anxiety

Indicators of Physical Abuse:

  • Change in behavior
  • Cuts, bruises, burns
  • Confinement
  • Isolation

Indicators of Neglect/Self-Neglect:

  • Mental confusion
  • Poor hygiene
  • Poor environment
  • Inadequate health care
  • Inability to perform daily tasks of living

Indicators of Exploitation:

  • Unusual bank withdrawals
  • Change in power of attorney
  • Personal belongings missing
  • Different signatures on checks


If you suspect elder abuse or neglect, call our confidential help line at 421-LIFE (5433)