Strategy resulting in a better JFS

It is a new day at Job and Family Services. Change won’t occur overnight, but, make no mistake about it, change is underway. The JFS our staff and our consumers know now is evolving into a stronger, better organization. We …

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Positive feedback makes our day!

 We received wonderful feedback in an email this week that I would like to share! “Hello, I couldn’t find anywhere else to submit this feedback but I REALLY wanted to. Hopefully this gets to the right person. “D. Arlinghaus is …

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Veteran attorney joins HCJFS executive team

Hamilton County Job and Family Services recently hired a veteran attorney to join its executive team and lead customer service improvement efforts.

Talia Bryan, customer complaint resolution administrator, will help ensure the agency is responsive to consumers and properly addresses complaints. She will root out trends in casework and consumer feedback to identify system improvements – all with an emphasis on equity and inclusion.

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June’s Story: Compassionate Customer Service

We have been stressing providing better customer service at our agency for much of the past year. All employees have gone through a customer service class, and it has been the focus of much communication from management. Providing good customer …

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