This 17-year-old really wants a family to take care of him

Meet Andwele, the young man we’ve been talking with lately about‪ #‎agingout‬ of ‪#‎fostercare‬. His caseworkers – one of them from Wendy’s Wonderful Kids and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption – are working really hard to help him find the home he wants before he turns 18 in just under a year.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Andwele really wants a forever family “so when I grow up, I’ll have somebody to go to.” He knows it’ll be harder to find one the older he gets. He’s 17 now – he celebrated his birthday by going to Steak ‘n Shake for the first time.

“I know it’s not going to happen, that I get adopted, because I’m almost 18,” he says. “But I’m still pushing for it.”

Andwele likes art and music. He plays guitar and has written about a dozen songs. His “God, O God” goes like this: “We love you, help me through my day, you’re my father my holy father, I love you every day.”

He goes to church and participates in groups there.

His favorite kinds of music to listen to are hip hop and R&B, especially the oldies. He likes basketball, but doesn’t dream of a career in the NBA. He wants to own his own business, possibly in marketing. He loves the personal finance class he’s taking in school.

He wants a family with people who are “nice, caring and loving.” He likes animals but he’s not sure he wants to have a dog again because he was really sad when his last one had to be put to sleep.

He’s insightful about aging out of foster care.

“It’s very rare for people to get adopted at 18,” he says. “Foster parents usually want younger kids so they can teach them to do the right thing. But I want a family too.”

by Jane Prendergast

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