We have risen to the occasion with so much help from the community

Unprecedented. Extraordinary. Unparalleled.
These are the words often used to describe this pandemic and the impact it has had on our agency and our employees. It’s a truly once-in-a-lifetime situation. But we have risen to the occasion.
And we’ve done it in large part because of the strong support we receive from this community:
  • United Way of Greater Cincinnati provided $100,000 in gift cards for us to distribute to people struggling financially because of COVID-19;
  • The Hamilton County Auditor’s office assisted us in the distribution of nearly 6,000 $500 checks to eligible families through our emergency PRC Program. These were some of the first emergency relief dollars distributed to hurting families in our community.
  • Cincinnati Public Schools and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center are helping produce flyers with important messages about parenting, mental health and child abuse prevention;
  • The Ohio Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families partnered with the Hamilton County Fatherhood Collaborative to help dads deal with homeschooling and other issues, and held a Zoom hangout where 100 dads found support;
  • We expressed a need for – and then promptly received – community donations, including:
  • Hand sanitizer from Northern Row Brewery, for our social workers who continue to go into the field;
  • Face coverings from local seamstresses (including Delhi Township Trustee Rose Stertz);
  • iPads and laptops for children in foster care to finish school work on.
Thank you to everyone who helped bring about these collaborative efforts. As I’ve been telling our employees – we continue to be a rock for this community and what you are doing, every day, makes a difference people recognize. We have been Supporting Families and Changing Lives for 75 years.
But not without a lot of support from you. Thank you.
There’s another phrase we’ve all been using lately – “new normal.” As we continue to work our way through this pandemic and its aftermath, I look forward to all the new ways we can collaborate with our community. That’s the new normal.

by Jane Prendergast

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