Children live in kinship care when they are temporarily unable to live safely with their parents and they live full-time with a relative. A kinship caregiver can also be a non-relative who has a long-standing relationship with the child or family.

Kinship care is the most desirable living arrangement for children who cannot safely live with their parents. It helps children preserve a sense of family and belonging. It can help children identify with their family’s culture and traditions.

Types of Kinship Care

If you are a kinship provider, we appreciate your dedication and assistance with keeping children safe. You have taken on a big responsibility and we are thankful. We also want to make sure you have the support you need.

Financial Support

In most cases, the following financial support is available to kinship caregivers whether they have physical or legal custody:

Hamilton County Kinship Stipend

Cash Assistance (Ohio Works First) 

Food Assistance 


Publicly-funded Child Care 

Kinship Child Care 

SSI or Social Security

Kinship Permanency Incentive 

Families who need to apply for assistance due to child placements may:

  • File on line at;
  • Access an application at
  • Call 946-1000 to request an application be mailed.
  • Mail or fax (513‑946-1076) the completed application to the agency. (Local libraries are available to fax applications and verifications to the agency.)

If you have additional questions about kinship care, please click here to check for answers to FAQs. Thank you for your support of Hamilton County’s families and children.