Before HCJFS can help you establish an order for support, you will need:

  1. To apply and
  2. Establish paternity (If you were unmarried when your child was born)

If paternity was already established at the time you applied for services, a hearing date will be scheduled once all necessary documentation has been provided and verified.

If paternity is established through Hamilton County Job and Family Services, you will be notified by mail of a hearing date to establish a support order.

If you have received a Notice of Administrative Hearing to Establish a Support Order

The primary purpose of an Administrative Hearing to Establish a Support Order is to determine the financial responsibility due the child or children from the non-custodial parent.

Your notice to appear requires that you bring documentation, which will verify and confirm past and current income. This documentation may include pay stubs, tax returns, expense vouchers, employer statements, proof of health insurance and child care expenses. The Hearing Officer will review this information and calculate the child support obligation using the State of Ohio legally-mandated child support guidelines. The Hearing Officer is not permitted to deviate from these guidelines.

Upon conclusion of the hearing, an order to pay support will be sent to both parties by mail. The obligation to pay support begins on the day the order is issued. A wage attachment is issued at the same time. It is the responsibility of the obligor (paying parent) to make payments of support up until the time money is taken from his or her wages. If you disagree with the support order, you may file an objection with Juvenile Court within 20 days of the date the Administrative Order is issued.