Step 1: Gather and complete required documents

In order to apply for child support services, you will need:

You may also need:

  • Custody and guardianship papers
  • Your marriage certificate and/or divorce decree
Pregnancy Chart 
My child was due in:  My 3-month pregnancy period is: 
January  March, April, May 
February  April, May, June 
March  May, June, July 
April  June, July, August 
May  July, August, September 
June  August, September, October 
July  September, October, November 
August  October, November, December 
September  November, December, January 
October  December, January, February 
November  January, February, March 
December  February, March, April 

Step 2: Send or Bring the Documents to HCJFS

There are variety of ways to return the documents to Hamilton County Job and Family Services, you may:

Mail Documents

HCJFS Child Support Services
222 East Central Parkway, 2nd Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Fax Documents

Documents can be faxed to (513) 946-2395.

Email Documents

Documents can be emailed to:

Deliver In-Person

Hamilton County Job and Family Services
Child Support 
222 East Central Parkway, 2nd Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202

You can apply in person between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Step 3: Genetic testing or Support Hearing

Once all documents have been received, a child support caseworker will be assigned to your case. That worker may ask you for additional documentation and will attempt to verify the location of the other parent. After those steps are complete, you will be notified by mail of either an appointment for genetic testing or, if paternity is known, a support hearing will be scheduled.