The Prevention, Retention, Contingency (PRC) program helps families residing in Hamilton County overcome immediate employment-related barriers.

The goal is to help families achieve or maintain self-sufficiency.

Ultimately, the program lessens the need for ongoing public assistance, by ensuring that the adults of the families stay employed.

The PRC program can help provide:

  • Gas cards and bus passes for those who are working or have a job offer
  • Uniforms, tools and other hardware for individuals to obtain or keep a job
  • Uniforms, books, equipment and other school-related requests for both youth and adults

The PRC program is not a cash payment and not ongoing support.  To learn more about cash assistance, visit the cash assistance page.

Do I qualify?

To be considered for the PRC program, applicants must be 18 years old or older, have at least one dependent child under 18 in the household (19 if the child has not graduated high school) and meet income requirements.

In addition, the individual applying for assistance must either be gainfully employed or have an employment offer that can be secured with PRC assistance.


To apply, please complete the Prevention, Retention and Contingency Program Application.