Child victim of heroin hopes for family

A nine-year-old child whose parents were consumed in the current opioid epidemic strives for a normal family life, with help from HCJFS.  Read the story on Cincinnati.com.  If you think you could be #theone to help a child like her, …

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Heroin can strike anyone – even a deputy’s wife

How pervasive is heroin? It knows no race, gender or status. It is an equal opportunity destroyer.  CNN tells the story of a Clermont County deputy’s family and how heroin tore it apart. 

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HCJFS Employee Saves a Life

Our own Helen Stevenson helped save a life this weekend. The child support enforcement technician was on her way to the BMV with her daughter, Tranee’, about 9:30 a.m. on Saturday when she realized the car in front of her …

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HCJFS Employee saves a life, keeps on working

Tanya Hampton had just left her second home visit of the night Saturday and stopped in at the McDonald’s in Bond Hill. When she came out of the restroom, she saw a man lying on the floor.

Tanya Hampton
She went over to check on him, noticed his fingertips were purple and yelled to the manager: “Call 911!

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Opiate crisis hurting our children the most

  We are asked a lot about the opiate crisis gripping our community. How does it play out in child welfare? Heroin has hit our “business” hard. Abuse of opiate-based painkillers such as Vicodin and OxyContin is also a problem. …

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Child Welfare Agencies Around the Nation Facing Same Issues

I had the pleasure of hosting a group of the nation’s top child welfare officials in Cincinnati this past week and it was interesting to see our stories are so similar. We all struggle with worker retention. We all are …

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