Youth Employment Program hiring lifeguards this year

We have been working diligently to boost our Hamilton County Youth Employment Program – finding more job opportunities in more businesses, adding more training and making sure young people and their families know we have year-round opportunities.

Now we’re jumping into a new pool, literally. We’re going to start recruiting lifeguards for area swimming pools.

For us, this is a way to offer something new to our youth 14-21 who are looking for jobs. We get a lot of requests for lifeguard positions. It allows us to help with the annual struggle of having enough lifeguards to staff enough pools so the pools can open.

It’s also about helping with the anti-violence efforts going on in the region. Whenever leaders get together to talk about stemming the violence, they say one key thing: We need more jobs for teens.

Pools are so important to their communities. They provide fun, exercise and a safe place for families. We’re happy to help keep them that way.

Click here to learn more about the YEP and apply for lifeguarding positions and many other year-round jobs.

by Jane Prendergast

Filed Under: From the Director, News