Hamilton County Job and Family Services Child Care covers part of the cost of child care for eligible low and moderate-income families. In order for a provider to care for children of families receiving publicly-funded child care, the provider must be licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

School Age Pandemic Child Care Information

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting need for care during school-age remote learning and hybrid models for education, changes in policy are being implemented to allow the licensing of temporary pandemic school-age child care centers.  Amendments to publicly funded child care provider responsibilities, payment rates, and procedures have been made to include temporary pandemic school-age child care centers and clarification of how publicly funded child care can be provided to school-age children participating in remote or a hybrid school model.

The complete documents provided by ODJFS can be accessed below:

Changes to Criminal Background Check Process

There is now enhanced functionality in the Ohio Professional Registry (OPR) which allows the JFS 01175 to be submitted electronically.  Individuals may now use the OPR to send the JFS 01175 to ODJFS.  For those sent electronically, the JFS 01176 “Program Notification of Background Check Review for Child Care” will be available to the program electronically in the OPR.

Beginning September 2019, all JFS 01175s shall be submitted via the OPR.  Programs cannot create accounts and submit or sign the JFS 01175 on behalf of staff, employees or residents. Profiles in the OPR must be owned and controlled by the individual staff, employee or resident. Also in September 2019, programs will be required to link employees and residents to their program in the OPR and keep all individuals currently employed by the program or currently residing in the home linked to the program. Programs should begin this process now to ensure compliance by next fall.

Becoming a Provider

There are three types of Child Care Opportunities. If you want to provide child care services to families that are eligible for the publicly-funded child care program, you must be licensed.

Click here for more information on opening a Child Care Center or a Family Child Care Program.

For additional resources and information, please visit the ODJFS Child Care page here.