Your provider receives payment from two sources:

1. Publicly Funded Child Care

Your child’s attendance will be recorded through the new Time, Attendance and Payment (TAP) system and your provider will be paid accordingly.

2. Your co-payments

Families are required to pay a family co-payment as part of the their eligibility for child care; the amount you pay is based on your monthly gross income and family size.

Once you are approved for child care, you and your provider will receive a notice of your weekly co-payment.This weekly fee may be assigned to a particular child or to all children. Providers may collect the fee on a weekly or monthly basis. You should request a receipt for your fees. If you do not pay the fee on time, the provider can refuse to care for your children and your child care case can be closed.

Your fee is determined by using the Child Care fee table. The fee table is here solely as a guide. Because calculating your gross monthly income and your family size can be complicated, what you actually pay will be determined by a Consumer Specialist.

Gross Monthly Income

Keep in mind that gross monthly income means your total income each month before taxes. That includes your paycheck, child support, cash assistance, social security, disability, etc.

Family Size

Typically family size includes the number of children living in your home plus:

  • The biological parent(s), or
  • The caretaker/legal guardian, or
  • The foster parents

Do not include additional adults in the household who are not caretakers or parents.

Determining who is included in family size can be complicated. It is in your best interest to review all your household members with HCJFS Child Care Services.

Using the Child Care Fee Table

  1. Locate your family size on the left of the chart.
  2. Move to the right across each row of tables until you locate your gross monthly income.
  3. Your weekly fee is listed in the column to the right of your income. Your weekly fee is the total amount you pay for your child care each week, regardless of the number of children you have in care.

Use the Fee Table

 HCJFS 7981 (Rev. 9-17)