Applicants are required to participate in an approved activity like work (full or part time), school or a qualifying training program.

Applying for child care services through Hamilton County Job and Family Services requires you to complete both an application and to submit verification documents. Please read the following information carefully to ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible. Please note it may take up to 30 days to complete your application. We complete cases in the order they are received and when all verification documents have been received.

Step 1: Complete the Child Care Application Packet

Before you apply, please read the following documents carefully:

To apply you MUST complete the following and return to hold the application date. We now offer a faster electronic signature option – click on the Apply button below.  IMPORTANT –  After you complete the application and click submit, you will receive a confirmation page.  If you click submit and your application is still on the screen, you missed a field and need to scroll back to the top to see what is missing.


       If you prefer to print and send in the 7200, here is a link to a printable form:

You may also need to complete the following documents depending on circumstances:

If you don’t see the verification document you need, please refer to the forms page.

JFS 07204 Request to Reapply for Cash, Food Assistance and Child Care (Annual renewal of benefits)

If you are completing an annual redetermination of Child Care benefits and have misplaced the application mailed to you, or never received your application, please complete the JFS 7204 Redetermination Application and return it with current verification of your income and activity (last 30 days of paystubs, for example) before the annual review deadline. If you missed your annual review deadline, please follow the instructions above to apply for services.

  • New* Electronic Signature Complete and sign the 7204 application and submit it electronically to JFS. This option allows you to submit the application directly to JFS for faster processing.  Please give as much information as possible to help us when we process your application.  
  • IMPORTANT: You will receive a confirmation page after clicking Submit at the end of the application.  If you do not, please scroll back to the top of the document to see what required fields you missed.


Step 2: Return the Packet to HCJFS

To ensure prompt receipt of documents

Fax to:

(513) 946-1830

(Applications can be faxed from any Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County branch free of charge. Retain a copy of the fax confirmation sheet.)

You may also return the packet either in person or by mail to:

Hamilton County Job and Family Services
Attn: Child Care
222 E. Central Parkway, Third Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Step 3: Supply any additional information requested

When you apply for child care services, you may not have submitted enough information to complete the application. A caseworker will be in touch with you to ask for additional documentation. You must supply that information to Child Care within 30 days or your application will be denied.

A denial notice officially informs you that you are NOT eligible for the program. An approval notice informs you that you are eligible for the program.