To receive a swipe card, the caretaker (parent) must be approved for benefits AND must have selected a provider. Each child is connected to a provider via a Child Care Connection submitted on our website. Once the child and provider are connected, a swipe card is mailed to the caretaker (parent). This can take 7-10 business days. The swipe card is used for all children on the case.

If you do not receive your card within 14 business days after your case is approved, you must contact Ohio ECC Caretaker Help Line at (888) 796-4322. If you do not request your initial swipe card after 14 business days, but no later than 21 days, payment for services used will be denied and you will be responsible for a private payment arrangement.

Caretakers (parents) are required to use the Ohio ECC swipe card to pay their selected provider. Either the caretaker (parent) or a designee must swipe the card to record a child’s attendance at the beginning and end of the day. Caretakers (parents) MAY NOT allow their provider or provider’s employees to store or use their Ohio ECC card. Doing so can result in a termination of their child care benefits or penalties and sanctions against the provider.

Remember, the Ohio ECC Swipe card only pays for a portion of your child’s child care costs. You will also be responsible for a co-payment.

Lost cards

If a caretaker (parent) loses their Ohio ECC card, they must contact the Ohio ECC Caretaker helpline at 1-888-796-4322 to have a replacement card mailed within 7 days. Always make sure that Child Care Services has your correct address so that you can receive your swipe card.

ODJFS CHILD CARE SWIPE Card expectations