To receive an authorization in TAP, the caretaker (parent) must be approved for benefits AND must have selected a provider. Each child is connected to a provider via a Child Care Connection submitted on our website. Once the child and provider are connected, an authorization will display in the TAP system within 24 hours. The caretaker (parent) must establish a KinderConnect account and PIN number to be able to “tap” for care utilized.  The TAP system is used for all children on the case with active authorizations to a provider.  Please contact Hamilton County Child Care at 513-946-1800 if your children are not active with your provider within 48 hours of approval.

Caretakers may contact the TAP Support Center at 1-833-866-1708 Option 9 for KinderSign tablet related questions, KinderSign PIN resets, and KinderConnect password resets.

Caretakers (parents) are required to enter attendance in TAP so their selected provider can be paid. Either the caretaker (parent) or a designated sponsor can record a child’s attendance at the beginning and end of the day. Do NOT share your personal PIN with your provider.

Remember, the Ohio Child Care TAP system only pays for a portion of your child’s child care costs. You may also be responsible for a co-payment.

For more information about the Ohio Child Care TAP system, click here.